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The best part of hitting rock bottom, is coming back up. it comes with a view

20 July

{8:55pm sept 17, 2005}
i'm on my laptop that im steal bandwidth from my neighbors wireless unsecure router
i now work in the lab. im making robots, i spend 30% of my time in the lab
"{Rover bot"} sept 2005


[11:15 am Jan. 19. 2005]
I'm in the computer Lab at School. were I have spent the 70% of my past year, I'm just another emo - grunge listening college student studying programming, and engineering, i still wanna make robots. thats my life goal.

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Strippers Rule the World

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[7:55pm feb. 16. 2004]

My journal a living testament of my life's, up's and downs more downs then up's.

i'm a 20 yr old, Ex-stripper i quit as of Jan, 28th 2004, who knows if i will return to that life style..it sucks you in hard and spits you out harder. it'z addictive. Right now i'll be a full time student i'm a computer science major i have much to learn about life i don't claim to know everything infact i know nothing and all i can share is my experiences. would you like to walk with me while i have them?